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23-06-15 cheque 200A $100,000 Cheque

A $100,000 cheque awaits a mystery women who accidentally passed off a working Apple 1 to a recycling firm, following the death of her husband. The boxes, full of electronics, were removed as part of a massive clear-out. Cleaning firm, Clear Bay Area, only discovered the vintage Apple a couple of weeks later once they had cleared their own backlog of boxes.

The Apple 1

Clear Bay Area have already sold the Apple 1, one of only 200-or-so original, first-generation Apple desktops designed by the late Steve Jobs, and Apple Co-Founders Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne, way back in 1976.

The Apple 1 was a distinctive design, iconic for its inbuilt computer terminal circuitry. A keyboard and television were all that was needed to get up and running, whilst most direct competitors of the time required several peripheral hardware additions to enable such a connection. Jobs, Wozniack, and Wayne realised that the future of computing would be defined by ease of use, and the Apple 1, arriving as a fully assembled circuit board stood it apart from other hobbyist computers.

N.B: If you’ve never heard of Ron Wayne, there is a good reason. Despite his co-founder status, he sold his shares in the newly minted Apple Computer company for around $800, and later received a further $1,500 to forfeit any claims against the company. Had Wayne held onto his initial 10% stock, it would be worth an estimated $60bn today. Some you win, some you lose.

Contacting The Owner

The computer sold for $200,000 at the end of May, 2015, and Clear Bay Area maintain a policy of splitting any profit from sales of house clearance material 50-50. All good – but the woman still hasn’t come forward to collect her share of the sale. The company have already stated identification will be easy once she comes forward. Clean Bay Area Vice President, Victor Gichun states “I remember her…to prove who she is, I just need to look at her face.”


Image courtesy of: cooldesign / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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