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You have probably recently read something like this:

‘Video Games cause under 9’s to violently sharpen rulers to decapitate Minecraft hating teacher’

‘Driven to kill by relentless shooting rampages in online world – preteens murder family members in ritualistic patterns sweeping the nation’

‘Gaming domination has proven to me that I am the Son of God’

Perhaps the final ‘headline’ is a little outlandish but I am sure if you dig deep enough, there will be an article detailing the majestic transformative powers of video games - to be read with a pinch of salt, of course. The former headlines, whilst hashed together for effect are strongly reminiscent of countless pieces of anti-gaming copy alluding to the detrimental effects games have on anyone who engages. Well, I will say it now: it’s not true.

It can be difficult for adults who have never engaged with gaming to comprehend possible positivity through the medium. It is understandable. As we grow up, especially in generations past, games have been the reserve of children. As you move through life games evolve into a mixture of sports, board or card games, or watching children play their games. The essence of gaming – pleasure, adaptive thinking, sociability, mental acuity - has been taught as something to mediate and only divulge in at specific gaming moments. The boundaries of gaming have transgressed any possible limitations previously visited upon the industry. Gaming clichés exist in abundance, and yes, some children are over exposed to them, but moving from a global state of blinkered minds to global industry leader has uncovered how absolutely engaging gaming can be at all ages.

Consider 2013’s record breaking Grand Theft Auto 5. I can hear eyes rolling all around the internet. The constant Grimm of the gaming world causing children and adults alike to mutilate each other. Is there too much violence? Possibly. Scenes of extreme duress? Yes, there are. Is it 18/R rated? Absolutely. Yet this cultural bombshell exploded into our lives breaking record after record across not only the gaming industry, but the entire entertainment spectrum:

• Fastest entertainment property to gross $1bn
• Fastest game to gross $1bn
• Highest grossing game in 24hrs
• Highest revenue for entertainment product in 24hrs

And the plaudits, financial rewards and awards still arrive for the UK based developer, which won award after award – including a BAFTA. Not bad for a game.

Now, you may be asking what this has to do with electronics, or electronics design. Aside from the thousands of hours of specialist software coding required to produce an immersive interactive experience, the very act of gaming can explore territory individuals were previously removed from. Exploring personal growth through meaningful interaction in gaming environments produces individuals that have explored their potential vision of their true self, where self-image and projection can be drastically altered to enable psychological growth that may have encountered issue elsewhere. A popular strand of game theory seeks to explain the mutual relationship of competitive versus cooperative behaviour, considering the impact and cost-benefits of escalating or maintaining specialised relationships and modulating communication to discern the best available practices – all also aspects of electronics design and manufacturing that should be found with exceptional design companies.

Throughout life our brains are designed to respond to interaction, to stimuli, whatever that may be. People want to engage with design and manufacturing processes for their product. Understanding the processes of gaming whereby building a mutual ecology benefits the system we can safely calculate risk, reward and impact of a given design, whilst encouraging a mutual party to wholly engage with design, electronics and their own concept from start to finish. And where the average person now has a powerful gaming device in their pocket, building relationships based on gaming fundamentals delivers value into one the single most important features of design: the relationship between designer and client.


Image courtesy of: franky242 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.


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