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Tuesday, 07 June 2016 00:00

07/06/16 Are You Listening, Facebook?

Are You Listening, Facebook?

07-06-16 smartphone listening in 200pxInternet privacy is a debate that just doesn’t stop. Rightly so, as the vast majority of the world is now directly involved in it. Social media is often directly involved in the debate. Our willingness to upload and share our personal information has curated the perfect storm for government entities to track us, monitor us, and run surveillance programs.

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014 00:00

24/06/14 The Global Market

24-06-14 digital globeThe Global Market

The need to transcend local restrictions and entertain the global electronics market is an understandable problem for many bespoke designers. The vast distances between clients, time zones and cultural differences reign supreme, making for a continually morphing market. How is an independent electronics designer meant to compete on the global scale?

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17-06-14  Twitter logo blue 200Unifying Electronics Design on Twitter

In my other existence, I am a market and social research consultant. I love writing for both roles and the variety of information I engage with on a daily basis is second to none. Throughout my time writing for Hawkshead I have expanded my knowledge on electronics design, designers, design process and design technologies. The same can be said for my engagement with market and social research faculties. However, I have noticed that the electronics design community as whole – perhaps excluding the digital behemoths such as Electronic Design or Farnell/Element 14 – is not as lucidly engaging with social media outlets as the market researchers down the hall.

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