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Electronic Design Process: 6. Pre-production and Production Handover

We can help with finding companies to mass produce your product and will liaise with the manufacturers to ensure that the end products are reliable and repeatable in terms of performance. Pre-production is always advised prior to committing to a full production run. This allows for assembly issues and testing methods to be established. Often these products are used as sales demonstration units. Some may be offered as units to trusted customers but this again should be treated as a bonus.

In some circumstances we may be able to manufacture smaller quantities of your product in house.

Manual Writing is generally outside of the design contract, however we have the experience to either assist your manual author or to write the manual for you.

Sales Training is a step that may be inherent in the design process, depending on who generated the original concept. Often the marketing department has a primary role in the product definition and the performance criteria. The sales training that we can provide is focused on shortening the learning curve of the sales team and providing them with the confidence to be able to answer their customers' needs and questions.

Intellectual Property Rights on all designs are signed over to you at the end of your project.


And so, you have your marketable and sellable product! On completion of the project we sign all intellectual property rights (IPR) of all designs over to you so you have no concerns about royalties or IP ownership.







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