Electronic Product Design

Electronic Design Process: 3. Schematic Design to Circuit Board Layout

The next stage is to complete the schematic design. Schematics are the "road maps" of electronics. In Computer Aided Design (CAD) this process includes considerable data input to assist the accurate execution of the project and tracking of parts. The Schematics are reviewed with you so that any feedback from you is discussed and considered.

Then follows the circuit board layout design. The circuit board, also known as a PCB, is the foundation on which electronic components are placed and is the basis of the electrical connections between them. The PCB and its layout have significant implications for the eventual performance of the board and therefore your product.

Depending on the nature of the project, 3D modelling and Industrial Design resources may be used to design any non-electronic parts of your product, such as casings, displays, attachments and sockets to ensure that all of these parts fit together physically and that your product can be assembled properly and will function when it is put together.




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