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This is perhaps the most important part of all. Your ownership of a Hawkshead project is absolute on completion and final payment. You might think that this is normal but unfortunately this is not the case.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are effective as a result of intellectual creativity. An author of a book is using a known process, with a vocabulary of recognised words. It is the unique order and collection of words that create the IPR. In this case the primary protection is that of Copyright.

A circuit diagram (schematic) and a circuit board (PCB) are both generated through a known process with a collection of recognised symbols and implemented with "commonly" available parts. The path to Copyright in that sense is a simple one.

We have clients who have come to us simply because they have previously failed to obtain the rights to the design for which they have paid.

Even if the case of IPR protection is not in dispute, there are many more insidious ways of “tying the client in”. This is an old and underhand but highly effective mechanism: The client walks away with the design. Then there is a small change required, a component update or a subtle adjustment to the manufacture process. Only then does the client find that the capability for such changes cannot be implemented without recourse to the originating designer with fees attached.

Our goal is to design ourselves out of a job, not force you into a lock-in with us. "Why?" you might ask. The answer is very simple reverse psychology. If you are forced into a situation then the natural process is to pull away from it. Our approach means that you are free to choose.

It is all yours… but you are not alone. We are on hand to assist with the strange queries that can arise from suppliers or to resolve the question that did not arise until much later. Most clients appreciate the security of knowing that they can come back… and 90% do with another project in hand! It is another part of the reason that we offer the 12 month post contract support and full transfer of IPR.




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