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Some projects have well defined start and end points, in which case the review process is simple. Others have realms of technical risk, commercial feasibility or fundamentally "is this going to work well this way?" Our early stages answer these questions and give practical routes to one or more solutions.

You are the expert in your field or project. We provide feedback to you so that you can offer your insight. The outcome of whatever we do has to fit with your plans. If there are decisions that require balance (e.g. product features vs. unit price) then we discuss them with you. In many instances we make provisions for designs to be scaled up or down to tailor to different price structures or models.

Some design cultures only ever focus on the singular product/project in hand. This means that future requirements are either excluded or expensive. Where appropriate, Hawkshead tends to design for "a family of products". It does not cost any extra at this stage and leaves a multitude of options for later… All it requires from us is an imaginative thought process.




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