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It is important that you are comfortable with the steps of your project as it moves from concept to completion. In some cases a project is delegated to a project manager and it becomes a "process/time-line" abstract. For most people, the project gains an "air" or "feel" that gathers strength with progress.

There is little value to a project that concludes with a result that no-one likes. Your project control is not so much a matter of the process as much as feeling that you are in control. The decisions, features, look and feel of the product are all aspects that will remain long after the design has been completed.

It shocks us when we pick up projects that have been started elsewhere. More often than not, the person or company who would be in your place now has not received the understanding that we consider vital:

a) Decisions and their implications are presented/discussed
b) Technical issues are made accessible to all levels of ability
c) Everyone has a valid opinion: the designers are proficient in a realm, not gurus in every aspect
d) The client’s customers are the ultimate jury in the verdict of success

We form part of your team, not the other way round. We can assimilate, advise and proffer experience and expertise. This is an integrated process and you should be empowered to control it, even if that means the design team has to support the empowerment process.




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