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Kinshaw Design Ethos

The basis of all Kinshaw products is to use the appropriate engineering to solve real world problems encountered in an audio system. This marks two key differences from the outset.

Holistic approach to design

Firstly it is the whole system that is considered in the design, not just the individual unit. It may seem a trivial point but the manifestations of designing a unit without system concepts are many. The potential problems may not appear to any significant degree in some systems. Consequently poorly considered designs still find plenty of takers.

A well-conceived design will give of its best in a wide spectrum of systems and will mitigate if not completely avoid extraneous troubles. The result may be the stark difference between the presence and absence of hum. Kinshaw equipment has widely been described as clean, neutral and engaging. These attributes are no accident.

Design for the real world

Secondly, real world problems deviate considerably from the idealised world of theory. Good design also has to prioritise factors to achieve a realisable result. These priority value judgements require years of experience. The ability to design with prediction and measure the outcomes is then an exacting process which is honed over time. It is easy to simplify and produce “good” audio. Sound quality that defies its playback system and truly engages you is far beyond the “good” realm. It creates audio equipment that serves you for decades and remains thoroughly natural.

The concepts that support true engagement of listener with music go beyond system design and also lie behind the Kinshaw ethos. Audio equipment, sound, human hearing and the acoustic environment all have such massive implications for the end result that you hear. Yet there are factions of the audio industry that promote pseudo-science with extravagant marketing. Others make a great play on one particular aspect of design.

The truth is that many areas of audio are far more complex, with more variables than are often considered. Only by paying attention to all of these, with relevant priority, will the right result even begin to appear.

Attention to detail

Kinshaw is about holistic engineering with an attention to detail that goes far deeper than most using the often “attention to detail” phrase in the literature. In a circuit that may contain 250 components, there are thousands of permutations for the layout of the board. Yet the precise location of each and every part including its grouping, orientation and its signal source and delivery point is considered and manipulated to thousandths of an inch.

The groups of components are orchestrated in such a way as to maintain an optimum signal path which is not a simple as “shortest route”. There are many parameters to define the optimum path and the power supply and its delivery play a vital role in the critical operation of the circuit as a whole.

Only once the layout is correctly considered can the track layout begin. In all the Kinshaw products, every single track segment is deliberated. The adjacent connections are relevant to the one that is under the cursor at any given time. Even the “blank” spaces and the copper filled spaces have attributes which must be accounted for as each and every track is laid.

It is impossible to give a treatise on circuit design or even board layout in such a short space. It is possible to glimpse the true depth and breadth of complexities that arise from just a few of the fundamental aspects of audio design.

“Not only does he have the depth of knowledge required to innovate within this industry - he has an incredible ear” has been said of the press in relation to the Kinshaw developments. In addition to Kinshaw, Peter has been instrumental in the design and development of products for a number of leading international audio companies as well as senior reviewer for Car Audio magazine.

All these facets are combined when it comes to Kinshaw equipment. Kinshaw represents the designer’s own free hand towards a path of excellence. There now exists a whole set of new audio electronics that capitalise on the origins of Kinshaw, the growth of technology and the acquired experience of another 15 years.

New Kinshaw products

The new offerings are Phono stage, DAC, Pre-amp, Mono Block Power Amps. Each is able to transcend the equipment into an engaging musical experience. At the same time as being true to the heart and emotional soul they are good to the wallet and would be perfectly acceptable to the high end professional user too.

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