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Peter, Design Director of Hawkshead Designs, realised some time ago that creative people are most inspired and productive when they are doing the things they enjoy the best and are less involved in the commercial, selling, project management and administration aspects of projects. He also noticed that the highest calibre, multi-skilled engineers, designers and programmers are more likely to be found in self-employment, working on a variety of projects for a range of clients.

So we have brought together a selection of freelancers who bring complementary and wide ranging skills to our projects. These skills often overlap and there are no defined boundaries of work. Hawkshead Designs acts as the central commercial hub, taking care of the day to day running of our projects, allowing our shining stars the freedom to collaborate on your creation.

The organisation of our current creative collective is shown below and you can click on each person to read further details about them.

The Hawkshead Hub

The Creatives

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Peter Hawkins,
Design Director of Hawkshead Designs Ltd, brings Hardware Design to the group, using SOFTWARE PACKAGES, as well as providing full business support, including dealing with enquiries, quotations and the commercial aspects of all projects worked on by the Hawkshead Designs hub. Peter has over 25 years of experience in both electronic product design and running his own businesses. He not only understands the technical aspects of designing and building a real life product, but also the commercial side of running businesses.

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Colin Bathe
of Bat Technologies Ltd provides great capability in FPGA and CPLD design for the likes of advanced motor control and signal/audio conditioning, amongst other applications. Colin is a long term technical ally of Hawkshead Designs. Peter has known and worked with Colin for almost 20 years, since his early days at Scitec Instruments, a manufacturer of precision scientific intrumentation. Peter and Colin continue their technical sparring to evolve new concepts and solutions. In his spare time Colin runs, walks, does a lot of DIY and invents things.


Joe Freeman, Electronics Engineer, has worked with Hawkshead since the second year of his studies. During this time he developed essential knowledge at an early stage and is now a full time member of the team. This early practical experience exposed him to switched-mode power supply design and innovative sensing technologies. To complement these skills, having previously worked at Mantracourt Electronics, he has founded a strong base in PCB layout and analogue design. When Joe is not slaving over a hot soldering iron he can be found surfing somewhere on the Cornish coast.

Steve Reynolds from Quick-Tracks Ltd fulfills Hawkshead's stringent requirements for accurate assembly of prototypes of novel designs and he also provides extra resources in the form of hardware design support to Peter. Steve is another long standing friend and colleague who worked for Peter at the instrumentation company, Solomat. Steve started in the service department before progressing to add PCB layout design to his skills.

The Support Team

Nicola Bathe provides part time business support to Hawkshead Designs in the form of project administration, administration, bookkeeping, marketing, website management, photography and she'll even turn her hand to product assembly when needed. She also works on a couple of our projects building project-specific websites. When not working hard, Nicola runs, walks, reads, takes photos and plays the ukulele.


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More About Hawkshead Designs Ltd

Hawkshead Designs Ltd is powered by Design Director Peter Hawkins' 25+ years of experience in the electronic design industry.

Peter's electronics career took off at a precise electronic instrumentation manufacturer in Devon and some time later he left to set up his own electronic design company, Kinshaw Electronics Ltd, designing and building high end audio products. The Kinshaw brand, which became very well known and respected in the audiophile world, was born.

In 2007 Peter set up Hawkshead Designs Ltd with his new business partner, Jacqueline Hollinshead (now Hawkins). Hawkshead is a combination of their surnames and, working together, the company provides electronic product design, audio product design and electronic design solutions to individuals and companies all over the world.

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