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Hawkshead is an experience and intuition driven Design Company involved in extreme innovation.

Lots of companies claim experience and innovation. We go wider and deeper. A potential project requires a high level fly past and deep appreciation. Critical issues will become apparent to an experienced individual. It is then speed of determination and depth of understanding that separate the elite from the majority.

If it takes a couple of weeks to identify the critical issues, then you can still claim experience. Hawkshead frequently finds those criticalities in the first 24 hours and commonly in the initial phone call! This helps to shape the approach from the outset.

More importantly it prioritises endeavour in defining the project. This strategy also allows for commercial protection to all parties. With skill, critical issues can be split out and tackled at lower cost/risk ahead of the bulk of the project.

We have seen other companies’ projects where the criticality is not identified until the final phase – the cost of time and materials is truly staggering. In essence the cost is doubled and the time can be almost as long again.

Innovation is the buzz that surrounds many designs. In many cases it is primarily application of known approaches to the given scenario.

  • Who can pick up the pieces when other companies have failed?
  • Who can challenge the erroneous statements of leading universities or physics laboratories?
  • Who can bring completely radical solutions to the project?

Hawkshead can…

How? The simple answer comes from an unusual and intense path of learning and hands on experience. This allows any topic to pass on any thread and stop at any point and drill down to a sub atomic understanding.

The alternative is usually the depth of knowledge in a narrow field or a breadth of knowledge to a limited depth. Having both dimensions covered is Hawkshead’s competitive advantage.

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